Sustainability @Zentiva

At Zentiva, we ensure the supply of high-quality and affordable medicines to people who depend on every day in Europe and beyond. We do that in a sustainable way.
Our sustainability strategy is framed around 3 pillars: People, Partners and our Planet and is guided by the results of an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) assessment.


The 3 pillars of our Sustainability strategy:


We build Zentiva as a great place to work where everyone can be their true selves. We take care of our people, their beloved ones, and the people we serve, communicate transparently, and create value as one team.




We build sustainable relations with our partners who share the same vision as us.


Zentiva is contributing to a greener planet by committing to be carbon neutral by 2030. We will achieve that by a comprehensive climate strategy that focuses on reducing carbon emissions, sourcing from renewable energy, reducing water and energy consumption and waste. We help the planet to stay healthy by planting trees and investing into biodiversity projects.


„At Zentiva, every one of us is unique, different but bonded together by our common mission to help people live well through the development and supply of high-quality affordable medicines. I believe that people and the topic of sustainability must go hand in hand to get things moving. It all starts with everyone of us, changing the way we live to contribute to a healthier future.”
Ines Windisch, Head of HR, Communications & Sustainability.

Sustainability Report 2021

For the first time, we are disclosing our strategy and actions. Zentiva’s first sustainability report provides an overview about the company’s sustainability approach, covers the achievements in 2021 and brings the outlook and the ambitious goals the team committed to in order to make the difference – for the society and for our planet.

Discover our Sustainability Report and get to know the people behind our activities.