Our Commitments


Our missions and our values

Zentiva is a leading developer and supplier of high quality affordable prescription medicines and consumer brands. As Zentiva grows more people get the medicine they need. Our business is built on trust and responsibility with the patient at the heart of everything we do.

Our ethical principles

Zentiva has established 6 shared SuperpowerZ which frame the values and behaviours we expect of our team and how we will build a healthy business that we can all be proud of. Our team is fully trained on our Company Code of Ethics, supported by our Company Compliance Programme and speak up culture. We share our Code of Ethics with all our business partners. Code of Ethics.

Diversity and Inclusion

Every one of us is unique, different but bonded together by our common mission to help people live well through the development and supply of high quality affordable prescription medicines and consumer brands. At Zentiva we believe our diversity is a source of great energy and strength and everyone should feel welcome, be able to be their true selves and contribute to the best of their ability. Discover more about our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging : Diversity & Inclusion

Human Rights and Anti-Modern Slavery

Zentiva, including all its employees, board members, subsidiaries and affiliated companies,  respects and supports  the protection of human rights across our business operations extending downstream to the actions and practices of our partners and upstream through our supply chain and sourcing network as embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Discover more information about our commitment Human Rights and Anti-Modern Slavery

Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption

Zentiva conducts all its business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in line with our Code of Ethics. We have a zero-tolerance position against corrupt practices in all interactions and business dealings.

You can read more in our Antibribery Policy.

Due Diligence

Zentiva only teams up with third parties who are qualified, reputable and who comply in full consistency with our values and principles. Zentiva’s Due Diligence process ensures that relevant information is reviewed and properly taken into account in the process of engaging, selecting, and assessing third parties – linked also to our Programme of Responsible Sourcing.

HSE Policy

Zentiva strives to leave a positive legacy to the next generations while continuously working to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare to current generations. We are responsible for the environment as well as our employees and other involved stakeholders. We, therefore, declared and observe on a daily basis the following HSE policy.

Speak up

Zentiva encourages its people and partners who interact with Zentiva to speak up in case of actual or suspected misconduct or any compliance questions. All information implied therein, inclusive but not limited to personal data, collected directly from an identified or an identifiable reporter, or from anonymous sources, shall be treated confidential and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available under: https://www.zentiva.in/gdpr/privacy-notice.

Contact the Speak up Line here or send an anonymous letter to:

Zentiva Group, a.s.,
Head of Compliance;
U Kabelovny 529/16,
Prague 10 – Czech Republic