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March 21, 2023    /    News

Zentiva commits to plant 1 million trees by 2030

The company further strengthens its contribution to a healthier planet as part of their Sustainability strategy

Zentiva today celebrates the International Day of Forests by committing to plant 1 million trees by 2030. Being a producer of high-quality and affordable medicines, Zentiva is generating carbon emissions and is aware of its impact on the environment. That is why the company committed to a strong sustainability program as part of its business strategy.

Nick Haggar, CEO of Zentiva: “At Zentiva, we ensure medicines supply and more than 100 million people in Europe and beyond trust in our products. We have defined a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy and we have formalized our commitment to become carbon neutral for scope 1 and scope 2 by 2030. On top, we are further investing in programs to improve our efficiency in energy, water and waste management. I am proud that actions are real and not just paper commitments.“

Zentiva’s Sustainability journey started back in 2019 by planting the first trees in Romania. Since then, the company has already planted more than 250.000 trees as part of its reforestation and offsetting program. The formalization of the 1-Million-Trees commitment is another milestone for the team.

Ines Windisch, Head of HR, Communications & Sustainability: “Everyone in our company is involved in the Sustainability agenda as we believe that every small step and every small contribution counts. We are focusing our efforts not only on efficiency programs but as well on Biodiversity, supporting nature to recover and restore local ecosystems. There is just one Planet, and we want that future generations will enjoy their lives on Earth as much as we do.

Zentiva has continued to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions during 2022 following on from a 16% reduction in 2021. It is important that all companies work to reduce their environmental impact and the Zentiva team is proud of the progress it is making. While the company’s sustainability strategy is framed around 3 pillars: People, Partners and Planet, Zentiva will achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by focusing on reducing carbon emissions, sourcing from renewable energy, and increasing efficiency in energy, water and waste management.

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