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July 21, 2022    /    News

Blood Donation Camp

"It is not possible to buy someone's life with money, but you can save someone's life by donating blood ". A service that provides patients with safe blood in sufficient quantity is a crucial component of an effective health system.

At Zentiva, this act of solidarity is repeated every year. This year, on the 16th of July, our Anklseshwar site successfully carried out the Blood Donation Camp at the OHC Occupational Health Centre of Zentiva India. 69 shopfloor employees & executives voluntarily participated and demonstrated their SuperpowerZ of “Responsible” & “Connected”.

This great initiative enabled a collection of 69 Units of blood packs (each unit is equal to 450 ml of blood) thus envisioning saving many precious lives.
The medical team of Kumarpal Gandhi Blood Bank thanked the Facility Management Function and the Zentiva employees for this noble act of solidarity and thus enabling life-saving actions.
THANK YOU to everyone who came together and joined forces to #HelpOthers.