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June 16, 2022    /    News

“Sharing is caring”: Joy of Giving celebration in Ankleshwar

Aligned with Zentiva’s goal to #HelpOthers, we celebrated Joy of Giving “Daan Utsav” in India this year as well in a vibrant environment filled with a sense of gratitude.

Our employees voluntarily donated, clothes, books & stationeries, and cash for charity. To make this event successful, there was a continuous drive and motivation by Ashwani Sood, Karna Mistry, and the whole Zentiva Indian team.

More importantly, we utilized the charity collection (approx. 18 000 INR) for the benefit of the mentally underprivileged children in our vicinity.

Also, we visited “Kalrav”, a school for differently-abled children, and offered the students a study kit. We also participated in the Food Donation Drive for the entire school and spent quality time with them to understand their challenges and how we could help them. We are planning to utilize the remaining part of the charity amount, for another social cause in the neighboring tribal areas.
By sharing this story, we want to inspire everyone in society to give back if they can.